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We are here to answer all your questions and give consultation so you will succeed in Ghana.


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Do you have general questions about visiting or moving to Ghana? We are here to help you, schedule a time with us and have your questions answered.

Do you need help planning your vacation? We are here to help you get the most out of your
vacation. We can help you, choose the best sites and attractions to see according to what you
like. If you already have places in mind, we can help you schedule your days so you get the most out of your trip.

Are you ready to move to Ghana? Whether you need help purchasing land, building your dream

home or both, we are here to guide you step-by-step.

Do you have a project in the works already? We can go to your site and inspect it and video it.
We can advise you on things that need to be fixed or changed. If all things are going on well,
we will also be sure to let you know. There’s nothing like having boots on the ground and a set
of eyes with experience and understanding of how we are used to things being done. We can
make sure that the quality of the material being used is up to your expectations.
We can also help you with various documentation that you might need. Whether it is paperwork
for your property or home, Ghana card, so you can get your Sims card for your phone, driving
license, car registration or insurance, and any other legal documents that you might need help with.

Are you shipping to Ghana? We can guide you through the process. It can be quite frustrating if
you are unaware of the process, but with experienced help, you can have your things brought to your home.

Are you ready to invest in business? Not sure where to start? Do you have ideas but need help
to see if they will work? As we have started businesses here and Ghana, we understand the necessity of investing wisely.
We are here to help.

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